IQAC Achievements

The College IQAC had been instrumental to set norms review of the teaching learning process in the college. The remarkable achievements of IQAC are as follows:-

  • Staff meeting is held on the very first day of the College Opening in the month of June.

  • Various committees are formed for the Academic and support Activities.

  • Academic Calendar is revised after considering University Calendar.

  • It is publicized on the College Web site.

  • Vice Principal and Program Coordinators sets time table and allots individual courses.

  • Teachers started maintaining log book for Courses taught.

  • Time table is published by the Class teachers on their individual whats app groups.

  • Students attendance is regularly taken and monitored.

  • Teachers attends workshops organized by the Board of Studies on syllabus revision.

  • Study tours and Industrial Visits are organized for experiential learning.

  • Project work is allotted to students and E-zone facilities are made available in the library.

  • Activity Planners are prepared disclosing upcoming Extra and co-curricular activities.

  • ICT enabled teaching is promoted by the IQAC.

  • Non teaching staff are encouraged to attend workshops and training sessions.

  • Result analysis of Programs and courses are drawn and discussed in the staff meetings.

The teaching and learning activities are reviewed by IQAC in the following manner:

  • Daily Lecture reports are posted Teachers Groups at the day end.

  • Vice Principal monitors lectures and adjustments are made for absenteeism.

  • Principal takes rounds to check smooth conduct of routine.

  • Surprise rounds are taken by the Chairman as an education audit trail.

  • Result analysis is discussed in the IQAC meetings, accordingly departments are directed to take corrective measures.

  • Weekly meeting of staff is held to discuss learning outcomes.

  • Online feedback is taken from the students.

  • Informal meeting of the staff and principal is organized as “A cup of Coffee with Chairman sir” fortnightly for review and planning.